Location, Location, Connectivity.

The age old marketing theory of “Location, Location, Location” has evolved in the digital age. My marketing 101 book from 2003 doesn’t even mention Internet as a consideration when determining where to locate a new or existing business.

I can guarantee now, all businesses are considering connectivity for the success of their operations. IT managers are becoming part of executive teams, and consulting on boards to make sure digital requirements are being met within the core structure of business decisions.

This idea isn’t new though, it’s just evolved as to why you choose one company over another. Most buildings already have copper based connectivity to provide phone, TV and Internet, but what we are seeing is a trend and preference to fiber services. 

Preparing for a fiber connected world, property owners need to understand the impact of bringing in a local, community focused provider. A true partner, dedicated to next generation services and customer support.  Surf Broadband Solutions strives everyday to exceed every customers needs by a very simple principal. Honesty. Honesty with our customers, partners, and ourselves. We are a family of families who are dedicated to change the world with connectivity solutions.

So, what do you think? Ready to partner with a telecom that cares?