Fiber Provider + VOIP Integrator= Happy Customer

We recently engaged with a hotel customer who was inquiring about internet, phone and alarm services. Those last two services, phone and alarm, led us immediately to loop in our local voice integrator partner.    

For us, switches, routers and patch panels are known services, and we can document a rack of IP networking equipment with ease. Voice equipment is pretty foreign to us, though. Our integrator partner, however, took a look at the hotel’s telco closet and identified every component with ease and could tell immediately what existing services were in place.   

By bringing in a technology specialist at the beginning of our engagement with the customer, we were able to demonstrate our overall value proposition. We know how to provision the main pipe coming into the business. The VOIP integrator’s expertise helps determine what kind of telecom services are needed for:

  • Existing voice system
  • Alarm system
  • Credit card processing
  • Fax 
  • Video security

Had we not looped in our voice partner, we possibly would not have discovered the additional three services that the hotel neglected to mention in their original inquiry.

Surf Broadband focuses on connectivity solutions to the business and finds partners for the other aspects. As was the case for this hotel client, a comprehensive solution always involves more than just the main pipe. Our partner knew exactly what the client needed and proposed a right-sized solution.   

We spend our efforts on building and operating a robust and reliable fiber network. Two things we do not do:

  1. Tack on solutions to our service set in order to “own” our customers
  2. Leave our customers to fend for themselves if they do not have a technology partner currently engaged with them

Our philosophy is that our customers are served better when we tell them, “We don’t do that, but we can connect you with a group that we trust for this sort of thing.”   

We are building a partner ecosystem to fit customers to the firewall, VOIP, WLAN, video security, cloud services partners that can best serve them. That is where we need your help. If you are interested in following us and learning more about our partnership possibilities, then please subscribe to our newsletter. Just follow along with our content and determine for yourself if we are the type of company that you would like to partner with.   

What we are looking for is a partnership to deliver the best connectivity solution for our customers.