Solutions Partners Are the Key to Customer Success for Surf Broadband

“We’re the electric company.  We’re not electricians.” Our VP of Sales frequently uses metaphors to drive home a point, and in this case he was responding to a newer account manager who asked if we could design a VOIP system for one of her clients. “Discuss it with John, and he will align your client with a VOIP integrator partner,” he continued. “Trust me, your client will be happier with the service from a specialist than what we could deliver for them.” 

To put a finer point on our VP’s metaphor: Surf Broadband brings fiber service into a building.  What happens with that data once it gets into the building is the responsibility of others. We do not dismiss our responsibility entirely. Our point is to hand off responsibility to qualified partners. 

In the connectivity business, there is the constant temptation to add to your solution set, to grow into the “One Stop Shop” or market yourself as “One Throat to Choke”. Surf Broadband learned quite a while ago that adding solutions means supporting them and being experts. After several forays into add-on solutions, we made the decision to focus exclusively on wide area networks and internet connectivity.   

Building and operating a robust network for delivering packets from point A to point B is, from the fiber splice teams to the sales team to the executive leadership, the singular focus of our company.

While Surf Broadband has the resources to spin up an enterprise VOIP offering, why would we do so when there are a number of qualified partners who could do so? To follow up on our VP’s metaphor, we are the electrical company bringing in the service. Qualified electricians design and install the solutions that turn that electricity into something useful.  
Such a singular focus makes our service list appear a bit sparse, but that is entirely the point.  We continually seek partners to fill in the gaps and provide enhancements to our service offerings- to make connectivity really work for business.  

We provide the best value to our customers by saying, “We don’t do that, but we will connect you with some pros who do.”

When my VP said, “…discuss it with John,” he was referring to John from our Channel Partner team. That team works to both connect our sales team with the appropriate channel partner and also enables our channel partners to promote our connectivity services.   

Since Surf Broadband focuses solely on bringing in connectivity to business partners, it is the Channel Partner team’s responsibility to ensure that those services are right-sized to a company’s needs and that each company has the requisite support.   

We are quite serious when we say that we only focus on connectivity. It is for that reason that we need partners to promote and support our connectivity solutions. It is only through partnerships that we can be successful.

We’re just the circuit coming into the building, you’re the company that makes it work for business.

We are building a partner ecosystem to fit customers to the firewall, VOIP, WLAN, video security, cloud services partners that can best serve them. That is where we need your help. If you are interested in following us and learning more about our partnership possibilities, then please subscribe to our newsletter.

Just follow along with our content and determine for yourself if we are the type of company that you would like to partner with.   

What we are looking for is a partnership to deliver the best connectivity solution for our customers.