Surf Broadband Solutions, being a regional network provider, has the flexibility and know-how to deliver custom-built networks for our customers. We match these network solutions with continual monitoring and responsive, business-oriented technical support.  

South Bend Technology Integrator

Our network performance and support commitments are embedded in our service level agreements. More importantly, the uptime, performance and responsiveness are ingrained in our corporate culture- all team members focus on delivering the best customer experience from end-to-end.  

Valpraisio Indiana Technology Integrator

When a customer places a VOIP call, Surf Broadband Solutions considers itself an integral part of that chain of technologies connecting the handset to its destination. For our partners and customers, we support them by collaboratively determining the source(s) of network issues. We do not simply narrow our focus to clearing trouble tickets and washing our hands of responsibility. 

Goshen Indiana Technology Integrator

“When I’ve reached out to their technical team they really work with me to help chase down the issue- whatever it may be.  With larger carriers, their technical support is only trying to determine if the problem is not on their end and close the support ticket as quickly as possible.  With Surf Broadband, it’s more like, ‘OUR customer is experiencing an issue,’ and not, ‘Well, looks like the problem’s on your end.’  It’s nice to have someone on your side when issues arise.”

Elkhart Indiana Technology Integrator