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After submitting a partner request:

Surf Broadband takes partnerships very seriously and wants to make sure we offer the best program you can align with your business needs.  Whether that’s a technology integrator that’s offering advanced connectivity solutions or a real estate broker making sure your client has the best Internet solution prior to moving into their new dream home.

While your application is under review, here are some things to consider.

What to expect from this site:

Once your partner application has been approved, you’ll be granted access to content that’s specific to the program you joined.  This will include maps, marketing content, construction updates, areas of standard pricing, deal registration, etc.  Your input will be critical to the channel program success, and you’ll be on the front lines of information about our efforts.

Things to Consider:

  1. For your customers with existing wired connectivity, our fixed wireless network can serve as a redundant, and path diverse, backup connection.
  2. We have third party network agreements across North America, and this allows us to bundle services into one managed service contract for your customers- no matter where they have office locations.
  3. We consider our partner relationships to be reciprocal:  we want to understand your business and service offerings so we can refer qualified customers to you.
  4. With our hybrid fiber/microwave network footprint, we can quickly stand up temporary (or permanent) wireless connections that deliver up to 10Gbps.
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