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DIA – Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated bandwidth for the most reliable Internet service in the region.  Paired with our 24x7x365 and four hour SLA, never worry about WAN connectivity again. Plans from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

So what really is DIA?  Simply put, we install a strand of fiber from our backbone infrastructure to the end user and provision the purchased bandwidth.  This fiber strand is now allocated for that business and no shared services will be assigned to that path, or lit with any shared services.


Service Delivery Options:

DIA can be delivered via fiber or wireless.  Wireless connections will consist of a short range licensed, or lightly licensed microwave connection to our vast tower location inventory.  Wireless can be a great option for hard to reach businesses who need high availability Internet connectivity.

SLA (Service Level Agreement):

It goes without saying that businesses rely on companies that stand behind their product. Surf Broadband is no different. We feel our SLA is the best in the region which allows us to offer Enterprise service along side our Enterprise product. Our DIA services are the flagship product of the business division, not because there aren’t options for service, but because Surf Broadband commits to the best service and support.

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