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Business – Internet Access (IA)

Shared bandwidth is what most people think of when talking about Internet services.  Almost all providers offers some sort of subscriber access where there’s a shared medium to communicate to the Internet.  

Let’s put it this way, everyone knows what Internet access is, and if you don’t you wouldn’t be reading our KB about partnering.  We’ll try to keep the content here light and to the point, to not waste anyones time.



Service Delivery Options:

Our IA can be delivered via Fiber or Wireless.  Each broadcast site, either Fiber or Wireless will have different options based on the surrounding property types and density of homes and businesses. Check with our Channel Team to find out what’s available at the address you need service.

In most cases we use GPON for fiber Internet connections where wireless options include, point-to-multipoint LTE, and point-to-multipoint millimeter wave (capable of up to 1 Gpbs in certain areas).

SLA (Service Level Agreement):

The IA Service Level Agreement comes with our standard 8am-5pm phone and email support.  Issues will be fixed as they arise, but not before any priority service agreements.  Don’t get me wrong, we stand behind our IA just as much as our other services, but we don’t refund any monies for service outages.  This helps keep monthly costs low and speeds fast! 

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