Construction Updates: What to Expect

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Construction Updates – Overview

Allowing our partners to be informed on our construction updates is a huge win for the partner program. What’s better than knowing the entire stage of when your customers can expect the fiber to be going in!? The stages of construction updates will be broken down into the following:

  • Permitting
  • Underground (putting the conduit in)
  • Fiber Pull
  • Splicing
  • Complete

More detail on these stages can be found in the next article: Construction Stages Explained

Access to Content:

Only registered and approved partners will be able to view the construction updates and adhere to the NDA. You can of course let your customers know we are coming, that’s the point!  Depending on your partner status, you will receive notice of new construction and the dates associated with the updates.  All emails will contain links back to the partner site for review and a map of the construction.


If you haven’t registered to become a partner, please do so here.  Register


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