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Support – Traditional vs Commercial SLA

Traditional home Internet and SMB Internet services supported through our call center offers a great support solution to businesses who don’t require “after hours” assistance if issues arise with their services.  These businesses usually don’t run mission critical applications online such as remote access, point-of-sale, or are open after support closes.

The Surf Broadband call center offers the following support options to SMB customers who don’t require after hours, or time sensitive support to maintain their operations.

Monday – Friday: 7am Eastern – 9pm Eastern
Saturday – Sunday: 9am Eastern – 5:30pm Eastern

The call center, located in LaPorte Indiana, is staffed with seasoned customer service representatives who excel at understanding issues and taking the needed actions to resolve problems.  Most of the CSRs have multiple years with Surf Broadband and are considered the backbone to our customer first company culture.

Commercial SLA (Service Level Agreement):

It goes without saying that Enterprise and SMB businesses rely on vendors that stand behind their product. Surf Broadband is no different. We feel our SLA is the best in the region which allows us to offer Enterprise service alongside our Enterprise product. Our DIA and IA services are the flagship product of the business division, not because there aren’t options for service, but because Surf Broadband commits to the best service and support.

The Surf Broadband Enterprise and SMB service agreement measures the success of each connection by monitoring three metrics: availability; latency; and packet loss.  Availability is a measure of the relative amount of time during which the service is available for use.  The availability objective for all Services is to provide performance levels of 99.99% over a consecutive 30-day period.  Latency is measured as time required for a packet to travel round trip between the Surf Broadband IP POPs (Points of Presence).  Latency will average less than 40 ms maximum as measured over a one-month time period.  Packet loss is measured as the percentage of 64 byte packets lost after 100 trials during a one-month period between the Surf Broadband IP POPs.  Packet loss will be less than 1%.

Further, customers who sign-up for a service with a SLA will call into our Commercial Services Division located in Elkhart Indiana and have direct access to the seasoned professionals in charge of designing, deploying and servicing our Enterprise, Carrier Class fiber network.  The services are supported 24x7x365 with a 4 hour service guarantee.

Supported Services:

Our commercial Enterprise SLA can be added to the following services:

Internet Access – Enterprise (added by default) and SMB (optional), to fiber and wireless customers.

Dedicated Internet Access – The SLA is native to this service for all fiber and wireless customers.

L2 Transport -The SLA is native to this service for all fiber and wireless customers.

Wavelength Services – The SLA applies to fiber customers from the time of notice.

Contact us Today:

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