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Maps are the key to quickly showing our partners where we are moving, pricing that’s been established and visualize how our fiber impacts each community.  One map won’t fit all though, so we’ve broken the initial ones into specific content based on the type of information we needed to display.  All fiber backbone, commercial (mainly industrial and enterprise) construction notices and residential planning are password protected and each partner needs to be registered prior to accessing them.

Fiber Map

The fiber map shows all backbone owned by Surf Broadband as well as partner connections where we intersect with other providers and have access to their fiber assets.  The Owner of each fiber backbone is identified by a line color, and is kept up-to date monthly.

Orange Lines – Surf Owned Fiber
Purple Lines – Partner Fiber
Red Lines – IRU Fiber (Indefeasible Right of Use)

Address and Business Search

The Google powered address search can be utilized by either the direct address, or business name and a suggested location based on your map center will be given.

Pricing with Markers and Polygons

This maps with these features displays a basic search of our entire backbone and gives a reference to the proximity of each location and how much service will cost if we’ve determined it.

Individual markers will be shown with more specific details about the location based no 2 categories: “SMB Location” and “Enterprise Location”.  Selecting these will display markers and the additional details about the site.

Individual Polygons will be used to show areas where pricing overlaps larger areas.


Access to Content:

Only registered and approved partners will be able to view confidential information and adhere to the NDA. You can of course let your customers know we are coming, that’s the point!  Depending on your partner status, you will receive notices of new content and the dates associated with the updates.  All emails will contain links back to the partner site and require you to be logged in to view the content.


If you haven’t registered to become a partner, please do so here.  Register


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