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Choosing the Right Broadband Provider

When choosing the right broadband provider, whether for dedicated business access or Layer 2 connectivity services, getting the right company to meet your needs is critical for your WAN success.

Surf broadband Solutions recently asked our sales staff why they choose to sell our services over the competition.  Here’s what they had to say.

“We have experienced and creative engineers who think outside the box and are energized by challenges your organization faces.”

– Mary Nowak, Sales Director, Illinois Region – LinkedIN


Mary adds, ” The Surf executive team is approachable, and our company is dedicated and committed to providing the best technologically advanced solutions and technical support available today.”

“We are willing to meet customer timelines even if

we need to create a temporary solution until we get the final solution in place.”

Denise Short, Enterprise Sales Executive – LinkedIN

Denise continues by adding, “The executive team considers the whole community benefit when considering new projects, not just one single company, and not just our bottom line.”


Michael Hutter is our E-Rate Development Director and works exclusively with school corporations to provide outside the box connectivity solutions in communities where major telecoms fall short.

For 20 years our clients have come to trust and rely on our top notch technical support when issues arise. We’re creative, honest and fair and school districts love that about us.”

– Michael Hutter, National E-Rate Development Director – LinkedIN



Our partners trust Surf to provide solutions to their

most critical clients and sleep well knowing our SLA and network will continue to exceed their most challenging data demands.”

– John Blount, Channel Manager – LinkedIN


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